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What Is The History Of The Orion Constellation?

Everyone knows of the Orion constellation because this is one of the more popular and largest constellations in the sky. Orion is also known as the great hunter that boasted no animal could ever defeat him. In ancient Greece, Orion is also known as the warrior who was the son of Poseidon, the God of the seas.

There are a couple of different stories about how Orion died and earned a special and prominent place in the sky. You will have to decide which story sounds more plausible to you. You can easily look up the different stories online but here is the most common story regarding the Orion constellation and how it came to be in the night sky.

In the most common story, Orion boasted that he was such a skilled and strong hunter that he could kill all of the animals on Earth. The Goddess of earth, Gaea, became alarmed at hearing this. So, she decided that Orion must be killed before he could carry out his boast. So a giant scorpion was sent by Gaea to sting him. After only one battle between the scorpion and Orion, the scorpion managed to deliver a deadly sting on the heel of his foot, at the star Rigel. So the scorpion and Orion were given prominent places in the sky but they were placed on opposites sides of the night sky so they could never have another battle.

This is only one story of how the Orion constellation earned his place in the sky. The other stories are just as interesting. So, if you are interested in these stories than take the time to find them, you will be entertained for sure.

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