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Star Names – What Do They Mean?

Do you know the meaning of star names? When you want to know the names of the stars and what they mean you can easily look them up online but here are some of the ones that you may be interested in or have heard before.

One: Andromeda – This is the daughter of Cassiopeia.

Two: Aquila – This is the eagle.

Three: Canis Major – The greater dog.

Four: Delphinus – The dolphin.

Five: Hercules – Heracles, the hero.

These are just five of many different star names. There are so many more that you will want to look at. You will recognize some of them but others you will have never heard of. So take some time to read about the many different stars.

All of the star names that you find are hundreds and some are even thousands of years old. There are astronomers that study stars that are hard to see. They see stars that many of us will never even know about. Stars are a part of our heritage and will always be a fascination for many people.

If you are interested in star names then you will definitely want to do some research to find the different names and what they mean. You can find as much information as you need online but another good place to look is in star books. So, if you are interested you will definitely want to look at this interesting subject.

Name of Stars

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